Gatina-Pesa Starting Circulation

Nairobi's first community currency Gatina-Pesa, following Bangla-Pesa's success has started circulation with vigor. Due to its dense population and size the area of Nairobi's Kawangware is really showing potential as an alternative trading hub. Each day more and more small business owners are able to trade with each other even when they don't have 'money'. This program grew out of schools like Sifa Children's Center who are accepting Gatina-Pesa for their tuition. In one virtuous circle - parents can pay for part of their children's school fee; teachers then make better and more stable salaries; teachers use the Gatina-Pesa to buy goods and services from the parents in the community and the parents use the funds for tuition again.

Will Ruddick can be seen on the right giving a seminar at the University of Nairobi, with the hope that more research will focus on these alternative financial programs.